October 2019

Success Story: Remaining Agile in the Face of Change

By Desiree Edwards

Last fall, I was lucky enough to be assigned to work on a 6-week training project supporting training efforts for the Illinois Lottery. With this project, Briljent would be delivering training on behalf of Intralot, our client, who implemented a change to their system and machines that all retailers would be using state-wide to sell Lottery products.

From day one of this project, we anticipated that the needs of our client would change frequently as demands of the project and their client transpired. Early on, the Briljent team—dedicated to the success of this project—committed to staying agile, responsive, and dead set on serving our client and partner.

How so? The business development team stayed involved in all phases of the project as each change unfolded, proposing services Briljent could provide to support project success. The recruiting and human resource team executed innovative processes to engage and maintain skilled trainers. The operations and finance team managed effective means for record keeping and invoicing as business demands shifted. The training team shined as they remained flexible, resilient, and devoted to the training of thousands of individuals day and night.

This 6-week project turned into a 9-month partnership where Briljent was able to display their expertise in training, change management, and passion for delivering Briljent solutions.

At the end of the project, our client manager shared a letter to the team, highlighting their gratitude for Briljent’s services:

“Your efforts and hard work have been greatly appreciated by me and Intralot as a whole. We recognize all the long miles and hours you have put into making this project the success it has become. Hundreds of retailers today will now be able to keep their stores up and open because of the impact you created in helping them to continue their participation in the lottery. In honor of your contributions to this team your name has been placed on the dedication plaque in the training room as one of the founding members of our training department. Thank you again for all that you have done for us.”

For further insight into Briljent’s approach to changing technologies, check out Mary Ann Herny’s in-depth article.

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