March 2019

Success Story: Delivering Learning on Microsites

By The Briljent Team

Learning can come in all shapes and sizes.

The Challenge

People all learn differently, and learning professionals need lots of options to deliver targeted and compelling online learning. As specialists in customized learning, Briljent believes that selecting the right delivery format is every bit as important as the messaging. Fortunately, there are more authoring options available than ever before, enabling instructional designers to tailor learning experiences to the preferences and needs of their audiences.

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration’s (FSSA’s) Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning division needed a new authoring approach. The division, finishing their pilot year for the On My Way Pre-K (OMWPre-K) program, wanted to expand its program and services to 15 additional counties. To accomplish this goal, they needed to provide important information about basic health, quality, and safety requirements to early care and education providers to help them meet Provider Eligibility Standards. These standards establish the minimum requirements for Indiana’s quality rating and improvement system; and by meeting these standards, providers may become eligible to receive additional funding.

Applicants of the On My Way Pre-K program were being asked to endure a lengthy application process and had to navigate through multiple websites to track down the information they needed to be successful. FSSA needed a way to make the application, enrollment, and compliance procedures as easy to understand as possible while reducing strain on staff to field provider questions. Briljent was asked to help find a solution.

The Solution

Briljent proposed a responsive microsite that would present information to both existing and potential providers in a mobile-friendly format. This site would be a one-stop shop, housing all program information in one centralized location.

What is a microsite?

A microsite is essentially a mini-website used to supplement an existing website. It can be used to quickly route specific users through a large (and maybe overwhelming) organizational website to content that is branded and presented differently, setting it apart visually and enabling customization for its audience. Microsites can be used to help highlight a specific campaign, reach specific user populations, communicate a unique example or story, or to command a specific call to action. In this situation, Briljent uses a microsite to deliver training content.
With the Pre-K project, Briljent’s microsite yielded the following accomplishments:

  • Guided the user to information that best suited his or her unique needs.
  • Broke complicated processes down into an easily digestible, logical sequence of steps.
  • Used video tutorials to explain program concepts and make them more user-friendly.
  • Reinforced the program’s brand and raised awareness about the program.

The Result

FSSA has embraced the concept of a microsite and the solution proposed by Briljent. The new microsite allows users to return to the site again and again, making it not only a useful training tool for new providers, but also a valuable online reference for everyone in the program. It also empowers users to answer their own questions and help themselves, reducing the amount of support required from busy FSSA employees. By consolidating all program information in one centralized location, users of the site were able to easily find the information that they needed, at their convenience.

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