January 2020

Never, Never, Never Give Up | Briljent’s Never-Give-Up Attitude

By Scott Lorch

When I think about Never Letting Donkeys In The Pool—a saying by which we memorize Briljent’s Non-Negotiable Items (NNIs)—my personal favorite, and the one I think exemplifies the culture of Briljent, is “Never, Never, Never, Give Up.” There are many reasons why I favor this one and why it remains the NNI I see exhibited the most each day.

It would be easy to focus on others outside of Briljent and tell stories about how they never give up. For example, if you are in need of inspiration check out the story of Team Hoyt (teamhoyt.com). I won’t go into the details, but trust me; this story will leave you feeling inspired and in complete awe of the dedication and unwavering commitment to never giving up—you might want to grab a few tissues before reading as well.

While I could fill this blog with similar stories of people or teams that overcame unbeatable odds, I want to focus on Team Briljent, and what makes us great.

The first example that comes to mind and represents the foundation of our soon-to-be 22-year-old company is Kathy’s never-give-up attitude. She determined that obtaining our WBE certification and working for the state of Indiana would drive business growth and build a reputation for doing great work. For 5 years, Kathy made the drive nearly each day to Indianapolis to attend every vendor conference and meet with anyone that was willing to hear the Briljent story.

The daily trip was nearly 4 hours in the car each day. With the demands of raising a family and running the business, it would have been easy for Kathy to decide that the effort just wasn’t worth it. However, today our state business has become a strong foundation for Briljent and our reputation in the public sector is highly regarded, not only in Indiana but in states such as Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Illinois, and New York thanks to that never-give-up attitude.

Next, as the sales team continues to follow in the path that Kathy blazed many years ago, we are only the fuel that drives the operation’s engine. I joined the Briljent Team almost 10 years ago and at that time, a particularly demanding contract was in full swing. At one point or another, it caused almost everyone working on it to consider giving up. To give you an idea of how much work this contract required, each month the project management team had to create a project status report by compiling all the deliverable project plans into a single project plan.

This project plan exceeded 20,000 lines in total – yes 20,000! Through the hard work of everyone involved and their never-give-up attitude, we left this project in better shape than when we took over and with metrics that exceeded the expectations of the client.

Finally, with 2019 now behind us, the Briljent Team can look back at a record year. To a large extent, this was made possible by our work on a big health-related contract and the never-give-up attitude of the recruiting team. We were asked to provide 100+ resources for training and site support for the roll out of the State’s new Medicaid Eligibility Enrollment program. Let’s take a look at the numbers to see what this group has accomplished.

  • 1,800 applications received
  • 1,200 resumes reviewed
  • 400 screening calls completed
  • 200+ Interviews completed

Without a doubt the recruiting team has displayed a relentless never-give-up attitude to maximize the number of resources we were able to place on this extremely important Medicaid project. The team that has been assembled has received accolades from the client’s leadership and our partner for their hard work and support to roll out the new system.

Our site support team has dealt with uncertainties in scheduling, learned a complex system in a short period of time, handled a revised roll-out approach, and traveled from one end of the state to the other. The team’s never-give-up attitude directly relates to the speed and ease with which our state’s most vulnerable population is able to access Medicaid benefits. I think this exemplifies why we Never, Never, Never, Give Up!

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