April 2019

The Importance of Web Accessibility

By Andrea Light

Web accessibility is the concept that everyone should be able to browse, navigate, and interact with the web. Do you agree with that statement? Here at Briljent, we strive to deliver quality products that everyone can enjoy.

If you work for a federal agency, accessibility is not a choice. Per Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, it is the law.

Even if you don’t work for a federal agency, many state and local agencies require it. Web accessibility ensures that all people have equal access to your information. Plus it’s the decent thing to do.

What steps can you take towards making your materials more accessible?

First, think about your content and how others may interact with it.

  • For those that are visually impaired, it may be as simple as describing visual components of your document in greater detail.
  • For those that are hearing impaired, it could involve providing transcripts for audio adding closed captions to your videos.
  • For those who are color-blind, it could involve adding additional descriptions and labels to cues or colored items including charts and graphs.
  • For those with limited fine-motor control, it may involve rethinking the types of activities you include or accommodating keyboard shortcuts.

After you’ve made some adjustments, put your products to the test.

  • Using screen reading software, review your product with your monitor turned off. Does it still make sense?
  • Turn off your speakers and watch that video. Does it still make sense?
  • Print your documents in black and white. Does is still make sense?
  • Navigate your product using only your keyboard. Were you successful?

No one wants to feel left out. Be sure everyone can access your information.

Let Briljent’s web accessibility experts guide you through the sea of web accessibility options by getting in contact with us today.

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