February 2021

The HIT Squad

By Adam Hayden

Building Our HIT Service Offering around Service and Improving Lives

“To me, it’s all about the culture.”

Callie Wachendorf, HIT Consultant

Briljent offers a range of services to help in funding, planning, and implementing Health Information Technology (HIT) and Health Information Exchange (HIE) initiatives. Throughout 2020, we continued to build on the experience and expertise of our HIT team to offer our clients the very best in experience and subject matter expertise, with a strategy that affirms our commitment to improving people’s lives through health information technology. In fact, two of our HIT team members, Heidi Fox and Shaun Wilhelm, served as HIT Coordinators for their states before joining Briljent! It’s pretty tough to find subject matter experts with more expertise than that!

We’re proud of our results and the ability to attract top talent. It’s our Briljent culture that is the secret ingredient to our success, guided by Briljent’s Non-Negotiable Items.

Our team collaborated with state and public entities in 2020 to demonstrate the value of robust information exchange to promote public health, and our consultants and project managers continue to promote the value of HIT in all sectors of healthcare, from improving data collection and standards to leveraging social determinants of health (SDOH) measures to focus on whole-person care in urban, suburban, rural, and virtual care settings. While we love to share what we’ve accomplished, we’ll take this opportunity to share why we do what we do! It’s our service to others that motivates our work.

Meet the new faces of HIT that joined our team this year and learn what they had to say about our Briljent culture and values.

Callie Wachendorf

Callie Wachendorf, MBA PMP, joined our group in April as an HIT Consultant. Callie brings project management, innovative thought leadership, and effective, results-oriented consultancy to our clients. We’re not surprised by Callie’s innovative leadership, she holds an undergraduate degree in fashion, and outside of work, Callie runs an apparel business!

When asked about why she chose Briljent, Callie let us know, “In my interview process I was really impressed with Briljent’s culture,” and now after ten months with the team she celebrates that “every day we make an impact to create better healthcare interoperability in our country – that is because of who we are and the drive to do what we love to do – this is Briljent to me.”

Callie Wachendorf, MBA PMP
Callie Wachendorf, MBA PMP

Michelle Burton

In May, we welcomed Michelle Burton, MBA PMP, as HIT Operations Manager. Before joining our team, Michelle built a successful million-dollar healthcare industry consulting business. She holds a deep passion for healthcare, business, and technology, with a strategic vision to see broad upstream and downstream impacts for projects, new policies, and processes.

Michelle calls herself the “fixer” for troubled healthcare organizations and lagging projects that have benefited from Michelle’s love for turning strategy into actionable solutions.

Michelle Burton, MBA PMP
Michelle Burton, MBA PMP

Wynona Nunan

Wynona Nunan, PMP joined Briljent as an HIT Project Manager in June. Skilled in team motivation, HL7 standards, organizational leadership, application implementation, and workflow analysis, Wynona has extensive experience in Health Information Exchanges. “Most people find it surprising,” Wynona shared, “that I spent 8 years in the US Air Force,” where she was a dental assistant. Her service brought her to England at RAF (Royal Air Force) Bentwaters, about 80 miles northeast of London, and back stateside, she spent time at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Wynona’s commitment to service shines when she talks about the value of HIT, “I enjoy being a part of Health Information Technology because I feel that it affects us personally, improving healthcare for our families, our communities…its not just a job.”

Wynona Nunan, PMP
Wynona Nunan, PMP

Michael Plocica

In September, experienced healthcare consultant and project manager Michael Plocica, RN, MSN, PMP joined the team. Michael has a comprehensive background in complex workflow redesign, information systems, and operational management, encompassing clinical nursing, operations, and information technology consulting. Not to mention, Michael’s more than 25 years in direct patient care, talk about keeping the consumer in mind!

Michael Plocica, RN, MSN, PMP
Michael Plocica, RN, MSN, PMP

Heidi Fox

Heidi Fox joined Briljent as an HIT Consultant in November. Heidi is a health policy professional with 22 years of experience in Medicaid program and policy. She has implemented and managed multiple state and federal initiatives. Her core competencies include health policy research and analysis, program development, project management, process and work flow development, technical assistance (TA), and state/federal policy initiatives.

Heidi Fox
Heidi Fox

Shaun Wilhelm

Our most recent addition to the team, Shaun Wilhelm, HIT Sr Consultant, joined Briljent in December. Shaun’s experience includes Medicaid budget forecasting, information technology management, risk management, and system of care development. Shaun has demonstrated success in strategic planning, research, policy development, and IT Governance. Shaun’s work has taken her all the way to Alaska where she worked for the state Department of Health and Social Services!

Heidi Fox
Shaun Wilhelm


Here to Serve 

Our HIT team is uniquely qualified to provide consulting and guidance, with a deep understanding of the underlying policies, challenges, opportunities and imperatives that drive initiatives at the national, state, and organizational levels. And as you can see from the unique interests and successes of our team, serving others is programmed into our DNA.

We look forward to hearing from you! Learn more about our HIT Services on our website, and welcome to the new members of the HIT Squad who joined Briljent in 2020!

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