September 2021

HIT State Environmental Scan

By Adam Hayden

Your health information technology state Environmental Scan (eScan) and the State Medicaid Health Information Technology Plan (SMHP) is due by the end of March 2022. With HITECH sunsetting at the end of September, the time to act is now!

Health information technology client quote in purple text appears on a white background beneath large, orange quotation marks. Quote says, "I would absolutely choose to work with the members of this Briljent team again! [...] Throughout the project they communicated regularly, and we knew that any point if we had any questions/concerns, we could read out to them, and they would promptly respond. I would definitely recommend Briljent for similar work to other departments or organizations!

Are You Prepared to Complete Your Environmental Scan?

The health information technology state Environmental Scan (eScan) is a critical, but at times cumbersome, step toward gathering and analyzing information from providers to:

  • Inform the preparation of a State Medicaid Health IT Plan (SMHP)
  • Understand the current healthcare technology landscape in a state
  • Assess the use of HITECH funding

Three Keys to eScan Success

Keep these three keys in mind to achieve cost and time savings when administering your eScan survey.

  1. Promote it early—before they hit a provider’s inbox. Emphasize the opportunity to have their voices heard on how they did and felt during this period. With a thoughtful approach to a promotion and communication plan, your survey won’t need to be open for more than two or three weeks to achieve target response rates.
  2. Keep it short and relevantProviders won’t complete a survey that requires more than 10-15 minutes. Recognize their different practice environments and competing priorities by focusing on multiple-choice questions that will maximize your response rate while minimizing provider engagement time.
  3. Work with your champions—and leverage their influence from the beginning. You can find your provider champions based on past surveys and those who have been frequent responders. Then, get an assist from provider associations to circulate the surveys.

Need some help with this and other health information technology initiatives? Get in touch and let’s work together.

Briljent has been working on HITECH since the beginning. Our team of HIT experts has firsthand experience developing and conducting eScans as state employees and now working for our state clients.

With our growing repository of questions and off-the-shelf solutions, we can launch your survey within a month. We’ve helped clients more efficiently manage all aspects of the eScan—from designing and promoting the survey to assisting with the analysis to compiling key themes to preparing and writing your SMHP.

Talk with our HIT experts to find the optimal strategies for completing your eScan.

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