February 2019

Finding a Balance

By Frederick Winter

A frequent struggle I see for many people, including myself, is how we juggle everything life throws at us. Family, faith, work, friends, fun, etc. all dance around our heads as if we were a talented circus clown juggling balls. It seems difficult, and we find ourselves doing the best we can with our situation, trying not to let any of the pretty little spheres fall away.

We are rarely granted much time within a given equilibrium in our lives. Soon, we are no longer juggling five colorful balls, but rather a bowling ball, a chainsaw, a watermelon, the color blue, and the cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway?. We are constantly forced to reassess, re-evaluate, and reset.

Here are some suggestions for helping arrange your life.

Have an Anchor

Several anchors are good; but, recognize at least one thing in your life that will be your center. If you ever have to drop a ball, do not make it your anchor. I have two that I try to keep my focus on, and I am sure many people will share them. My family and my faith both work together to keep me grounded. If you find yourself sacrificing your anchor today because a long-term goal will be better, I would suggest that might not be best strategy. My friends, for example, are not likely to take care of me when I am old and gray. Okay, grayer than I am already.

Have Perspective

Take time to examine your life. How do you feel (physically, emotionally, and mentally)? Do you need to adjust some aspect of your life to bring it into balance? I find that sitting quietly in a peaceful spot calms me down.  Whether it be your favorite room in your house, a tropical beach, or a small chapel, find YOUR happy spot. If you want to try a nice relaxing video, try this one:

Set Goals

Reasonable, realistic goals for all aspects of your life can help your balancing act. The goals MUST be realistic or you will just frustrate yourself. For example, if my goals are world peace and eliminating the letter Q from the English alphabet, I would be quite frustrated by now.

Create a Plan

Have a path to the goals you set. If your goal is to lose weight, examine healthy permanent changes to your lifestyle. If you want to get your finances under control, make a budget (thanks, Dave Ramsey). If you feel something is lacking in your spiritual life, find a way to give back. Many of us volunteer our time to a variety of organizations. Find one that speaks to you.

Have Fun

Not to be all Mary Poppins on you; but, find the fun in life! I am not saying you have to be that annoying guy at the office who is always cracking jokes (that position is already filled at Briljent!) But, life is more worth living when you are laughing.

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