January 2022

Briljent Education Practice Area: Front Row Seat to the Future

By Adam Hayden

Briljent has seasoned former educators on staff and these resources really aid in the communication and delivery of project needs for our Education Practice Area. Because these former educators have real-life teaching experience, having “talked the talk and walked the walk,” they can easily connect and foster relationships with other educators. -Kasia Forsyth, PMP

For more than 23 years, Briljent has delivered more than 3 million hours (about 342 years!) of training to tens of thousands of learners. Our typical clients include learning leaders in state, federal, and corporate settings. But did you know that we also have a successful presence in the Education sector? We work with a diverse range of clients serving pre-K through grade 12 and higher education. Our engagements with school corporations, publishing and assessment firms, Departments of Education, and state social services administrations have included:

  • Delivering training to school administrators, teachers, counselors, and technology coordinators on topics including assessment administration, school improvement processes to address the achievement gap, and state-wide pre-K student eligibility and enrollment processes
  • Reviewing and editing assessment manuals
  • Creating engaging training materials and tutorials for in-person and online use
  • Recommending improvements to existing client training presentations
  • Providing site support for technology services, including gathering information from school corporations to ensure their websites can handle online testing and assisting administrators and technology coordinators on software utilization
  • Coordinating project management services for our clients engaged in the implementation of large education solutions
  • Planning/coordinating/supporting educator meetings and conferences

Our Communications Specialist sat down with two of our professionals working in this sector, Kasia Forsyth CCMP, PMP Senior Project Manager and Adam Gulla, Business Development Manager. Adam and Kasia highlight our collaborative approach, subject matter expertise, and passion for keeping our children and young adults front and center in our work.

Let’s start with a little vision casting. What is on the horizon for innovation in Education, and how is Briljent contributing to that new, transformational future?

AG: Early in the public health emergency, we focused on closing the Achievement Gap through the Title I funded . Schools are now adopting virtual learning solutions and hybrid models more readily than before. This is creating a whole new paradigm within education, including the idea of teacher and asset sharing to create equitable education access and resources for all. Briljent has contributed to changing needs within education in a variety of ways. Many of our education clients have had to transfer from onsite to virtual training sessions, and we continue to develop computer-based training modules as we have seen a great focus on eLearning.

How does our work in K-12 and Higher Education settings build on our success in government and corporate settings?

AG: We leverage our many years of Training and Change Management subject matter expertise, methodologies, and frameworks to develop custom solutions for Education clients. There is a lot of crossover, including project management, change management, adult learning theory, and instructional design principles.

Our commitment to serving others and our focus on building relationships with our clients and partners are hallmarks of the Briljent way of doing business, how do these commitments show up in our Education service offerings?

KF: Briljent has seasoned former educators on staff and these resources aid in the communication and delivery of project needs by intentionally matching our clients with Briljent consultants who have been in their shoes to connect and foster relationships. Because these former educators have real-life teaching experience, having “talked the talk and walked the walk,” they can easily connect and build relationships with other educators.

What do you think educators and administrators appreciate most about our work?

AG: Our education clients have appreciated our collaborative process, flexibility, skilled staff, project management, and custom solutions. We take the time to meet with all stakeholders and gain a complete understanding of the project and the end goals. Our collaborative approach goes a long way in creating solutions that

KF: During the pandemic, Briljent helped some of our Education partners move instructor-led training to virtual platforms. This was a win-win for us and our partners – we got to use one of our core competencies (eLearning development), and they got a product that can reach a broader audience in an online format.

Our attention to detail and anticipating our clients’ needs before they ask is one of the most appreciated aspects of our work. As projects progress, we become more in tune with our clients and anticipate their needs to work and communicate in a more proactive way. that this is one of the most valuable things Briljent brings to the table.

“It has been excellent to work with the Briljent team. In particular, Kasia Forsyth is a highly effective, capable, and professional project manager … When the rare issues arise, she is calm and professional with all staff and works with the project team to troubleshoot and resolve issues.” -Client in the Education Sector

Because we offer technical assistance to our Education clients and provide site support for learning conferences for educators, we also celebrate the work of Briljent’s Information Technology Specialist.

“Another Briljent team member, Fred, worked with us as well and was also very capable, personable, and professional with everyone involved in our conferences. Most recently, Fred assisted with a critical technical issue (hard-wired internet connection) at our conference and worked with the [venue’s] technical staff to resolve it.”

Man smiling, wearing blue collar shirt, yellow tie, and glasses, sits behind a computer and large, podcasting style microphone

What recent or current project are you most excited to share with folks outside of Briljent?

AG: We are preparing to help manage a new program that is developing over 90 K-12 virtual courses in Indiana, in a variety of subjects that also includes a network of teacher sharing. This is a novel approach to education with a focus on equity that will help students and schools gain access to more resources.

KF: We have a long-standing relationship with clients we have served in this sector, including (but the list continues):

  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Indiana University
  • DRC (formerly CTB McGraw-Hill)

Connect with Us!

In the Education sector, it is easy to connect the impact of our work to how it affects the lives of our children, young adults, and communities across the country. We are honored to play a part in helping the next generation learn, grow, and become leaders. Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can collaborate with you on your next Education initiative. Be in touch!

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