May 2018

Celebrating 20 Years

By The Briljent Team

Celebrating 20 years of brilliant possibilities.

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September 2019

Briljent CEO, Kathy Carrier, Awarded the Paul Clarke Visionary Award

On September 23, 2019, the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne awarded Kathy Carrier, Briljent CEO and founder of the Luminous Fund, with the Paul Clarke Visionary Award. The award…

September 2019

Matt Odum on the Importance of Giving Honest Feedback | HRD Advisory Group Podcast

Briljent president, Matt Odum, sits down with his HRD counterpart, Andrea Butcher, on the latest episode of her HRD Advisory Group podcast. During the lively and candid 17-minute discussion, Matt draws on an example from…

September 2019

Briljent Showcases the Luminous Fund at MESC 2019

The Briljent Team enjoyed another successful and productive MESC conference in Chicago this year, and this time we did something different: Briljent hosted its first MESC event in which we showcased Briljent’s…