May 2018

Briljent, LLC Celebrates 20 Years Supporting Client Solutions with Verve

By The Briljent Team

Company has delivered 3 million+ training hours to tens of thousands of learners.

Indianapolis, May 14, 2018: Briljent is proud to announce its twentieth year as a leader in innovative and effective learning solutions. Owner Kathy Carrier used her retirement savings to start Briljent in 1998. Since then, the company has shown continuous growth, becoming a well‑known trusted partner in the state, federal, and corporate space.

“With an entrepreneurial dream and a whole lot of ‘never give up,’ I started Briljent in 1998,” said Kathy. “Today, twenty years later, we serve public and private sector clients with verve. Verve is perhaps an unusual word to describe a consulting firm; but, that is how we’re built—we bring enthusiasm and vigor to every client project.”

In that time, Briljent has been committed to developing and delivering exceptional adult learning solutions, becoming a highly acclaimed presence in the training and instructional design industry. Winner of the Mayor Paul Helmke’s Business Expansion of the Year Award (1999), the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2002), and the Kelley School of Business Spirit Award (2005), the company began with strong footing and has since delivered over 3 million hours of training to tens of thousands of learners.

In addition to offering customized learning solutions, Briljent also delivers exceptional service in the areas of project management, change management, process improvement, technical writing, and project support. The company has worked with all 50 U.S. states and 6 territories, as well as members of the African continent, gathering a broad spectrum of experience and best practices.

Briljent’s success can be directly attributed to the company culture and dedicated staff. Owner Kathy Carrier and President Matt Odum agree that the staff at Briljent is the key.

“We are grateful for our employees, clients, and partners who drove us to grow and continually improve,” continued Kathy. “You all shaped us into the fantastic, successful firm that we are today.”

Briljent was built on two foundational concepts – the Communication Creed and a list of Non-Negotiable Items (NNIs). These items have helped create and maintain a company culture that has allowed Briljent to not only survive, but to also thrive as a company.

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