March 2019

6 Benefits of Integrating a Learning Management Solution

By Andrea Light

So you’ve spent several months planning for and developing your e-Learning training.

What’s next?

Think about how you can deploy your training to increase productivity and return on investment.

Implementing a learning management solution can not only provide a place to house your training in a centralized location, but it can give you insight into individual user performance. Getting to know your user’s performance can help identify gaps in skill or knowledge retention. Addressing those gaps sooner, rather than later, can go a long way to ensuring the success of your business.

Let’s explore six benefits of integrating a Learning Management solution.

1. Provide Easy Access and Convenience

Users won’t need to wait for a scheduled webinar or in-person training session to get access to the information they need. Users can access training or even freshen up on skills at their convenience, from any device, at any time. Taking advantage of bookmarking features will allow the user to return to a course at a later date and pick back up from where they left off.

2. Deliver Hassle-free Deployment

Cloud-based hosting can take the pain out of Learning Management administration. There are out-of-the-box solutions that can be implemented hassle-free, without the need for a team of IT experts providing security and peace-of-mind.

3. Track Performance

With a Learning Management solution you can track individual course completion. You can also evaluate the time individuals take to complete a certain task. Comparing completion time to activity score can be an indicator on how seriously your users are taking your training.

4. Provide Supplemental Learning

Put your users to the test by assigning tasks or homework.

5. Reduce Costs

Implementing an e-Learning solution and integrated Learning Management solution may save time and money over traditional in-person training. This can potentially eliminate travel costs, facility, rental and equipment costs, and printed material costs.

6. Foster Collaboration

Put learning in the user’s hands through facilitating online group discussions, assignments, or peer evaluation. Providing collaborative environments may reduce strain on training professionals, by allowing users to answer their own questions. This feature can also provide the opportunity to form diverse groups to enable users to constructively learn from others who bring different strengths and approaches to their learning tasks.

Wondering if a Learning Management System is right for you? There are hundreds of options out there. Let our learning management experts guide you and help craft a solution that meets your unique training and evaluation needs.

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