May 2022

Meet our Annual Briljent BRAVO Culture Award Recipient

By Adam Hayden

“I believe if you love what you do, can help others in the process to make a difference, and enjoy the people you work with, it’s worth your time.” -Jessica Porter 

Jessica Porter is Briljent Culture, Personified! 

Jessica Porter is Briljent. We mean that in two ways: First, the English translation of the Czech word, briljent, the origin of our name, means brilliant, and Jess is that! Second, she personifies our values, and in that way, too, Jessica is Briljent. For each of these reasons and a hundred more, Jessica was awarded the 2021 Briljent Culture Award!

The Briljent BRAVO Awards 

Beginning in 2020, we’ve celebrated our employees through our internal recognition program: Briljent BRAVO Awards. The program has been a terrific success, with several dozen nominations arriving each quarter, both from colleagues and clients, who are also invited to nominate their Briljent partners. Winners receive gifts of Briljent swag, and all nominees receive handwritten cards and peer recognition during our quarterly all-employee meetings. 

The Briljent Culture Award 

Selecting quarterly winners from so many outstanding testimonials and examples of service is a difficult task for our BRAVO Award team. Many of our employees have been nominated multiple times, across a variety of practice areas and cultural expectations. At the end of 2020, we realized an opportunity to lift a single employee whose performance and personality continues to rack up nominations quarter after quarter throughout the year. The Briljent Culture Award specially recognizes an employee whose volume of nominations and achievements exemplify what it means to be truly Briljent! These employees are rewarded with a few Briljent gifts and celebrated at our annual end-of-year meeting. 

Jessica’s Culture Award 

Jessica is a project manager and instructional designer who’s served on dozens of project teams, offering invaluable contributions to many of our projects, particularly state-wide implementations in the Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES) ecosystem, including Medicaid Management Information Systems that are modernizing how Medicaid members are served and providers supported. Most recently, Jessica applied her talents to Briljent’s first-in-the-nation Training Integrator project for the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) and their innovative MES implementation, which launched in April 2022. When it comes to modernizing and transforming the Medicaid experience for all stakeholders, from state Medicaid agencies to healthcare organizations and care providers to Medicaid members, Jessica is a great example of Briljent deploying its best talent to serve our state and non-governmental partners. 

Her continued success was recognized in 2021 when Jess was promoted to a new role: Instructional Design Manager for our Systems practice. In this role, Jessica oversees our expert team of instructional designers deployed to support technology solutions and system implementations. These instructional designers have worked on projects across all 50 states and six U.S. territories, and Jessica ensures we learn from each client encounter to expose our IDs to new experiences and gather best practices. 

Not only was Jessica nominated in three different BRAVO Award categories and five Non-Negotiable Items (NNIs) that form the basis of our company values, Jessica also took the time to nominate others each quarter. Managers are defined by their success, but leaders are defined by recognizing the success of their teams, and this is Jessica. 

Briljent Culture, in Jessica’s Words 

Jessica let us know what Briljent culture means to her: 

I believe if you love what you do, can help others in the process to make a difference, and enjoy the people you work with, it’s worth your time. That’s why I highly value Briljent’s culture. It allows us to meet challenges head-on while knowing we have the support of Briljent’s people who truly care about each other and want to see everyone (employees, clients, and society) not just succeed, but thrive. 

That commitment to serving others is at the core of who we are, and we can see it at the core of Jessica’s incredible work. This is why Jessica is our 2021 Briljent Culture Awardee! Great work, Jessica!

If you’d like to learn more about Briljent’s culture, visit our Careers page.

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