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Federal Government

At Briljent, our team sees past the job we do to the underlying element of the people we can help. That’s why working with our federal government clients has continued to be a rewarding, win-win relationship. We bring our expertise to help our clients succeed, and that success translates to improving the lives of millions of people every day.

We believe in working with integrity, agility and responsiveness, and it’s those qualities that have helped us become the prime contractor on a growing number of federal projects. We’re proud to list the Department of Navy, Department of Air Force, and the Department of Health and Human Services as our clients; and as we continue to fulfill our reputation for ethical and team-oriented standards, that list is ever expanding. We have a deep appreciation for successful partnerships, and whether we work as the prime or subcontractor, we channel our experience and robustness into a problem-solving and diligent team that never gives up—and we deliver smart and effective solutions to quickly solve problems in an industry that doesn’t have time for anything less.

We think we’re pretty Briljent that way.