Long-Term Implementation and Support

If your needs include long-term management and support for learning initiatives, we can provide on-site and off-site staffing in any of our practice areas. We will become an extension of your organization, ensuring that your goals and priorities become our own.


Course Maintenance

We will help you manage updates and changes to your course content. A comprehensive management plan will ensure that future courseware will be developed with maintenance efficiencies in mind.

Staff Augmentation

If your team needs temporary support, we can provide skilled professionals in learning development and delivery, saving you time and money in recruitment, hiring and training.

Technical Support

Our technology team can help you keep abreast of evolving learning technologies and their potential for your environment. Our ongoing support programs for both training content and technical functionality ensure that learners can get help quickly and consistently.

The Application

A Partnership for Long-term Tactical Support

Briljent has been supporting a key standardized testing initiative for a number of years. In partnership with a major player in educational assessment services, Briljent has been providing documentation, training, and on-site support. While our partner provides the testing platform, Briljent has managed and delivered all of the tactical support activities required to ensure that schools are able to accomplish standardized testing as efficiently as possible.

Our team had the benefit of prior experience with an earlier partner, and direct experience with the Department of Education—in fact, two of our team members were former employees of the DOE. When the contract was last up for renewal, the state selected a new prime vendor – and Briljent’s presence as a subcontractor under the new agreement ensured continuity and enabled the new vendor to hit the ground running immediately. In addition, our in-depth knowledge of the departmental priorities has enabled us to play a key role in anticipating DOE needs.

Briljent has developed and coordinated training for proctors, testing coordinators and technology specialists who managed the testing programs at each school. We have written, edited and deployed documentation and online microlearning videos. In addition, we have supported our partner by providing onsite and call center support to schools around the state, answering questions and resolving issues as needed. Our relationship is symbiotic – our partner is free to manage the program and the platform at a strategic level, while we provide tactical support as a true extension of their team. As the platform evolves, we ensure that changes are communicated and implemented quickly with a team that is efficient and nimble.

The Application of Briljent services.

What people are saying

We Are Proud of the Support we Provide

I love how immersed we are in this program and relationship. The best part of doing this job is the level of trust that exists with our partners. We feel like we have an important seat at the table and play a valued role in this program. While the nature and uses of standardized testing is sometimes debated, we are proud of the support we’ve provided to help schools understand and meet their mandatory testing requirements as well as possible.

Kasia Forsyth, Senior Project Manager



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