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Our Leadership and People

Briljent’s President and CEO, Kathy Carrier, founded Briljent on a rich heritage of entrepreneurship and hard-work ethics. Her grandparents were immigrants from Czechoslovakia, and that lineage was the inspiration for our company name: Briljent is the Czechoslovakian word for “brilliant.” Rooted in that identity, Kathy built her company with a leadership team composed of uniquely qualified leaders with diverse backgrounds and a common value-set. Together, we have grown the company from six employees to over 100; and as we did so, we created a culture that we nurture with great care. While we are all proud of the significant accomplishments Briljent has achieved, it is that aspect of our company that we take the greatest pride in. We are acutely aware that protecting and promoting our unique community takes great effort and intention.

In an effort to articulate our culture and the way we enact it, we created our Non-Negotiable Items (NNIs) and Communication Creed. These items have laid the foundation for our recruitment and hiring efforts, and assisted our leaders in bringing talented, hard-working and like-minded people to our team. That gives us the capability to expertly match our staff’s backgrounds, skill sets and expertise with the needs of our clients—while making sure our culture of integrity and diligence is implemented every step of the way.  

We don’t claim perfection in our cultural aspirations, but we do commit to acknowledging when we miss the mark, making it right, and then focusing on what lies ahead. We have a compulsive desire to provide personalized and unfailing service to our clients. They trust us to act on their behalf, and we’re dedicated to delivering for them. Our goal is to go beyond the ordinary, and achieve brilliance.