Practice Area - Training

For more than a decade, Briljent has been distinguished as an acclaimed presence in the instructional design and training industry. We know from experience that creative, quality training programs can often be a determining factor between success and failure for organizations across all sectors. Unfortunately, in the midst of rapidly evolving technologies, changing priorities, and tight budgetary constraints, training often becomes a byproduct relegated to the end of a process.

Our team knows that training is an effort that should lead, not follow; and there has never been a more crucial time to bring experts into the mix at the beginning of planned changes. Briljent has helped hundreds of organizations achieve success by developing and implementing comprehensive training programs, and partnering with organizations to effectively communicate change. We understand and appreciate the value of utilizing a combination of delivery methods. Our ability to design various modes of learning—including classroom, web-based and self-paced computer modules—illustrates our aptitude for creating efficient and engaging training strategies. We’re adept at creating programs that work independently, or within our clients’ current Learning Management System (LMS).

Our brilliance is creating outstanding training strategies. Our reward is our client’s success.

Instructional design

At Briljent, we follow the ADDIE  (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) Model to create training materials.  We begin by analyzing the client’s needs, and then develop a customized solution to meet those needs. We consider audience, content, and business goals during this process to assure we create a unique, effective and engaging learning experience.

E-Learning development

Leveraging technology as a tool for effective learning is a smart, efficient solution for training needs. By utilizing computer-based and web-based programs, our clients benefit in a reduction of travel expenses, an increase in class participation and a cost-effective way to effectively reach multiple users with various learning aptitudes. Briljent’s capabilities include the development of virtual instructor-led courses and blended learning approaches that combine live-session material with virtual, self-paced course components. Our experience allows us to provide commercial and custom Learning Management System (LMS) solutions that are scalable to grow with an organization’s needs.  As an additional aspect of our technological capabilities, we are also practiced in 508 compliance.

Classroom led facilitation

When live sessions are the most beneficial method for the audience, Briljent facilitates a training program through face-to-face sessions or a live virtual classroom. Our curriculum includes theory, data, and lecture for those learners who thrive on that level of detail; and we incorporate engaging delivery methods to ensure that participants remain involved. We include content, visuals, and auditory learning tools when applicable, and offer participants practical application opportunities. Our goal is to provide a superior learning experience that participants enjoy in the process. 

Learning Collaboratives & Communities of Practice

Learning Collaboratives (LC) and Communities of Practice (CoP) provide multi-directional learning and exchanges of information.  These exchanges can include subject matter experts, peer-to-peer collaboration, and cross-industry sharing of best practices.  Often organized based on program implementation to specific topics, LCs and CoPs are fluid, continually changing processes that combine resources and skills to capitalize on information sharing, idea evaluation, and peer monitoring.