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Practice Area - Public Outreach

Briljent is a driver of communication. We design and utilize tools that distinct stakeholder groups can efficiently work across—and provide innovative ways to break down interactive barriers. Our team’s proficiency in website development, communications plans, meeting facilitation and media strategies are instrumental skill sets. We’re also not afraid to forge new territory. Our experience has laid the foundation for us to assimilate into our client’s world, even if the industry is new to us. We apply our expertise to understand our client’s needs, and we use that insight to implement a strategy that delivers a brilliant solution.


The Briljent team thrives on propelling businesses to greater results by unifying the focus of the entire organization. Improvements in communication can reduce process time, increase employee morale and mitigate weaknesses within an enterprise. We work to enhance the level, quality and frequency of communication in both internal and external initiatives. Our proficiency in various modes of communication—including e-mail blasts, podcasts, webinars, videos and face-to-face presentations—facilitates successful implementation of initiatives such as change management, system implementations and leadership development. Our passion for this process comes from our knowledge that effective communication fosters brilliant possibilities.

Meeting Facilitation

Our team’s ability to apply best practices to distinct situations is exemplified in our meeting facilitation services. Our capabilities extend far beyond notation; our expertise ranges from gathering comprehensive and pertinent information to ensuring meetings stay focused, remain timely and facilitate relevant discussion. We have the experience to effectively gather multiple stakeholders in an environment that encourages active participation and delivers poignant results.

Survey Work

Our clients are the kind of smart leaders who always look for opportunities to improve their organizations. Surveys provide a fundamental component of that initiative: they supply concrete answers where there were previously unknown variables. Whether it’s measuring the effectiveness of a program or gauging employee satisfaction, Briljent has the tools and the experience to deliver dependable results and statistical validity.  We help clients uncover truths and translate that knowledge into effective solutions. Our accuracy translates into our client’s accomplishments.