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Practice Area - Change Management

A wide variety of factors in today’s business environments require organizations to make significant changes in the way they do business. Over the last several years, Briljent has been a partner to many state and federal agencies as well as corporations to help them succeed with major technological and policy changes in such verticals as healthcare, education, manufacturing, and public health. Factors influencing change include, but are not limited to: technological advances, the changing demographics of the workforce, and changes in government policy.  The organizations that succeed in a changing environment are ones that do not view change as an unsettling event to be avoided, but as an opportunity to evolve and thrive. Rather than a “one-and-done” event with rapid training and little to no communication, successful organizations seek out a trusted partner to assist with an integrated change management approach incorporating learning, communication and outreach.   

Briljent provides a variety of integrated change management functions to organizations seeking support for organizational change, whether it be a result of a new policy or the implementation of new technology.